Bears Den – Sasquatch Mountain

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Bears Den – Sasquatch Mountain

Bears Den – Sasquatch Mountain

Top 10 Things To Do – Sasquatch Mountain

Sasquatch Mountain is surrounded by amazing places, activities and shops to explore. While enjoying your stay at the Bear’s Den cabin, we’d like you to know about all the things you might experience & enjoy while staying on the mountain. This list is but a snippet of things to do and see in the area. Get out and explore! Sasquatch Mountain is still being developed so expect more activities to be added for winter and summer fun! Scroll down. 

Harrison LakeHarrison Lake & Harrison Hot Springs

Is the largest lake in the southern Coast Mountains of Canada, at 250 square km. and is in the town of Harrison Hot Springs (southern end).  It is about 60 km in length and at its widest, and almost 9 km across. At the Northern end is the First Nations town of Port Douglas. Traversing Harrison Lake by boat is a full day affair and there are a number of companies who offer tours and day trips.

Activities on Harrison Lake include fishing, bird and wildlife watching, sailing, boating, windsurfing, kite boarding, and there is a giant water playground that is open during the summer months.

The Hot Springs Public Pool, 101 Hot Springs Rd, Harrison Hot Springs

The Harrison Hot Springs Public Mineral Pool has healing hot water pools that are open to the public. This location is revered as a “healing place” by the local Sts’ailes First Nations. It is centrally located at the junction of Hot Springs Road and the Esplanade Avenue in Harrison Hot Springs.
More info – click hereHarrison Mills


Harrison Mills

A small community off Highway 7, heading toward Mission, from Sasquatch Mountain, Harrison Mills and Kilby offer fabulous scenery, amazing waterfront exploration and some cool little shops and places to check out. 

Kilby Historical Site – 215 Kilby Road, Harrison Mills – Closed Dec. thru Easter. 

Eagle Tree at Bald Eagle FestivalBald Eagle Festival

Each November many come to the area of Kilby, Harrison & Sasquatch for eagle watching. As weather up north gets colder, bald eagles descend upon the Harrison River to feast on the running salmon. Thousands of eagles can be seen in this area. The Bear’s Den is the perfect spot to settle in and take day trips and maybe a boat ride, to see the bald eagles. The festival itself is a free family event. This is an activity that people never forget. The majestic bald eagle captures your heart.  More Info, click here


Sandpiper Golf CourseGo Golfing – Local Golf Courses

We have some great golf courses in the local area. If you like to golf, you needed have your own clubs, you can rent them at either of these courses! 

  • Sandpiper Golf Course
    Located a short distance from Sasquatch Mountain, nestled in centuries-old forest and surrounded by the West Coast’s idyllic landscape, Sandpiper Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole golf course on waterfront property. Open 364 days a year, this par 72 course runs 6,500 yards from the back tees, and is gently sloped featuring four sets of tees for all playing abilities.
  • Harrison Resort Golf Course

This full-length private 9-hole PGA-rated course spans 3,375 yards over 36 hectares (90 acres) and is on the road leading to Harrison Hot Springs. Beautiful grounds, open April to October. More info or to book a tee time –

 Sasquatch Mountain Summer Activities

It used to be that no one came to the mountain in the summer but that’s all changed. Sasquatch Mountain now has super fun things to do and the area is ripe for exploring during the Spring, Summer & Fall seasons. 

  • Sasquatch Mountain Resort Disc Golf

A recent addition to the mountain is the Disc Golf course. There is no charge for the course, but you do need to bring your own discs. It all starts at parking lot 2 and we recommend wearing hiking boots as the ground is rough. Keep an eye out for the local Sasquatch as there have been reports they have been trying to steal discs! More info, click here

  • New Aerial Park

The new family friendly 4-story aerial park, offers some breath taking adventure while you traverse the structures. Choose your level of challenge. This fun activity includes:

Aerial Park on Sasquatch Mountain

35 features
61 ft. high
2 Sky Rails, Quickflight element, 7 pole tykes
Little Tykes element at base level

More info, click here

Snowmobiling, ATVing and Mountain Biking

Sasquatch mountain does not currently have dedicated trails for mountain biking, ATVs or snowmobiling, but there are plans in the works and in the meantime explore some of the local areas available for these activities. The ski area is restricted to any motorized vehicles and bikes as they damage the ski trails. Areas to check out for these activities is Harrison Hot Springs, Chahalis, Weaver Lake, 20 Mile Bay.

ATV & Motorized Vehicles Info:

ATVsOff Road Motorized Vehicles are allowed at:

    • Camp Cove
    • Grace Lake
    • Grace Lake Group
    • North Weaver Lake Group
    • South Weaver Lake Group
    • Twenty Mile Bay
    • Weaver Lake
    • Weaver Creek Group Site
    • Wolf Lake Group
    • Wood Lake
    • Wood Lake Group

Snowmobiling Info:Snowmobiling

JAG Outdoor Adventures offers amazing snowmobile and ATV tours. These back country tours take you through some of the most rugged terrain in the valley. 

Mountain Biking  (Unmotorized):

Bear Mountain Park, Mission, BC –

Harrison Hot Springs –

Self Guided Bike Tour from Harrison Hot Springs thru Agassiz Farmlands

Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park – 58611A Lougheed, Hwy Agassiz

The Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park (click to visit their website) was designed and built by the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program and First Journey Trails and is located near Ruby Creek, halfway between Agassiz and Hope. This park gives riders the opportunity to access trails that may have otherwise been unachievable. Designed with families in mind, there’s a beginner-level pump track, a mountain bike skills area, and a mixed-use network of trails.



Hiking, Snowshoeing & Hiking Trails

Explore the four distinct hiking trails on Sasquatch Mountain, of varying difficulties beginning at the Sasquatch Resort. An authentic outdoor experience for all, you will see the beautiful landscape of the mountain from these amazing trails. 

SnowshoeingDiscover the beauty of Sasquatch Mountain on your own, or with a guided back country treks (click on the Snowshoe Trails Map link for more info) or serene walks through the village on snowshoes.

Snowshoe Trails Map

Skiing, Boarding & Tubing

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is usually open Dec. – Apr and has 3 chair lifts, 35 trails, a tubing area, lessons, a restaurant and many other activities for you to enjoy in the winter months. The large Yeti Tube Park features 8 lanes and a magic carpet area. The longest ski run is 2.25 km. 

Skiing on Sasquatch Mountain

Skiing is the most active sport on the mountain but boarding and tubing have gained considerable popularity in the last few years. 

Visit the Sasquatch Mountain Resort website for more info, by clicking here.

Explore the Local Lakes

A short distance away are some beautiful lakes to explore.

    • Weaver LakeFraser Valley Lakes

       Weaver Lake is 21 km along the Sts’Ailes Forest Service Road (takes about 35 minutes). You’ll enjoy tranquil vistas, fishing and a great place to kayak or boat (no motors). There is a 6.9-km loop trail around the lake and makes for a beautiful day hike! 

    • Wood Lake – Click to go to the website

    • Chahalis Lake – click for info


Not far from Sasquatch Mountain is amazing fishing! Fresh water abounds in this area which means there is salmon, trout and sturgeon fishing available within a short distance. 

  • white sturgeonSturgeon Fishing

The mighty Fraser River (and the Harrison River), is known for it’s White Sturgeon fishing (catch and release). Booking a charter is the best way to fish sturgeon. They say the best months are April- June and September- November but there is no closed season, so you can find someone to take you out almost anytime you are ready to go. The health of the sturgeon in the Fraser River is so good, it is one of the only areas in BC where you are allowed to catch and release this incredible fish but special care must be taken so the fish is able to survive. Do not take the sturgeon out of the water. For photo ops, get into the water and hold the fish in the middle of it’s girth while it is still immersed in water. Do not hold the sturgeon by it’s tail. Remove the hook as quickly as possible and as gentle as possible. 

  • Salmon on the FraserSalmon & Trout FishingThe Harrison River, a short jaunt from Sasquatch Mountain is an angler’s dream for fishing for salmon and trout. There are five species of salmon in this river, which feeds into the Fraser and is a spawning ground (hence why the bald eagles flock here every winter). Cut-throat trout (there is a fishery in this area) enter the river in March as they feed on the salmon minnows.

    If you love to fish, take time to enjoy a day on the river (either Harrison or the Fraser). We recommend a Google Search to find the perfect guide for your adventure. There are many to choose from. 


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Top 10 Things To Do – Sasquatch Mountain

Sasquatch Mountain is surrounded by amazing places, activities and shops to explore. While enjoying your stay at the Bear’s Den cabin, we’d like you to know about all the things you might experience & enjoy while staying on the mountain. …

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